1. EVERYONE GO SEE!! #summerinfebruary #cornwall #artists #munnings #danstevens #dominiccooper #emilybrowning #movie #film #mustsee

  2. My final ‘How did you sleep?’ prints… 

    printed onto bed sheets.

  3. I made some sketchbooks using my ‘how did you sleep?’ prints.

  4. Pillows - the final print shapes, one on each pillow. Part of my ‘How did you sleep?’ project development

  5. Samples for ‘How did you sleep project?’. 

  6. Company study - White Company, Cologne and Cotton, Peacock Blue - ‘How did you sleep?’

  7. Colour Study - ‘How did you sleep?’

  8. Mood board for ‘How did you sleep?’ project. 

  9. sketches on the beach in cornwall

  10. life drawing

  11. Final pieces for MOULD project.

  12. Dresses i made for some of the development for my MOULD project

  13. Some worksheets for the development of my MOULD project…

  14. Sketchbook development for MOULD project.

  15. Beginnings of my ‘MOULD’ project.